You can access my 23 years of experience to tackle a challenge you’re facing, explore an idea you have, get some amazing expert advice, expert insights, or even just a morale boost. I’m great sound bored as well. Business Coaching may be exactly what your looking for to take the next leap! 

  • food peoples mindset (different than the rest of the world)
  • do you need a push
  • what your working on isn’t working  
  • ideal clients
  • actions
  • learning to jump 
  • define and set boundaries
  • find your voice and confidence at work and home 
  • reduce judgment and comparison
  • balance a personal and professional schedule
  • Set short and long term goals
  • attract the work you want
  • narrow down the products & services that you offer(too many ideas)
  • restructure your pricing (do you know your value?)

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If any of these apply to you I’m exactly what your looking for:

  • catering
  • all of restaurant front and back of the house and owners
  • personal chefs
  • executive chefs
  • cooks, all cook stations
  • pasty chefs, bakers, sugar artist, cake decorating,
  • bar, bartenders, bar owners
  • hotel, room service,
  • food manufacturers,
  • private cooking lessons
  • anyone in the food or decor business

Also but not limited to, event planners ,event staff, anyone in the event or wedding business. If your not sure you fit in too one of these just ask and I will be able to tell you if I can help you! I have helped several other kinds of businesses as well.